Create your fresh air

Therefore a system of SCAN-AIR!

Good and durable
Modular system
Easy mounting
Animal welfare

Ventilation systems by Scan-Air
are well known.

This is because a system of Scan-Air
brings the following benefits to you.

Scan-Air is a leading manufacturer in the field of ventilation, daylight and pop-hole systems. For over  25 years we are producing high quality products with our advanced machinery and our dynamic organization.

Characteristic of Scan-Air’s products is the use of a well thought-out building system, which enables us to offer a suitable solution for every application. The use of plastic and stainless steel materials guarantee a long lifetime.

Scan-Air offers a complete package of ventilation, daylight and pop-hole solutions. With our knowledge and expertise in these fields, we can design the suitable total concept for your barn.

All lifestock is different
with different needs.

We have got the ideal products
to perfectly control the climate in your barn.

With our expertise we calculate the needed ventilation-, daylight- and pop-hole systems. With the design of the climate we check the right air throw, possible obstacles and a uniform air dividing. That is the basis for an optimal barn climate!

Our products are fully made out of durable pvc and stainless steel. This ensures a long hygienic lifetime. With our unique building system we are able to produce our products on wall depth, which ensures a easy cleaning.

Our wide range of products

We have a product for every application.


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