About us

Scan-Air BV has been an authority in the field of air inlets for decades. Since the establishment of Scan-Air in 1992, we have become the specialist in ventilation-, daylight- and pop-hole systems.

In our company, located in Mill, the Netherlands, we produce our range of sustainable climate products for mainly the agricultural sector.

The core values of our products are:

  • Suitable dimensions: for each barn we have the suitable solution
  • Ease of assembly: Scan-Air has developed a unique building system, which ensures an easy mounting of our systems
  • Durable material: our products are made entirely of plastic and stainless steel
  • Hygienic products: by the use of the smooth strong surface of plastic, a fast and easy cleaning is guaranteed
  • Animal welfare: create an optimal climate for both farmer and animal

A good climate in your barn is the basis for healthy animals and optimal performances. With our expertise we are able to advise you the optimal solution for your barn.

Locatie Spoorstraat

Our team

Puck Hendriks
General Manager
M: p.hendriks@scan-air.nl
T: +31(0)485 – 453734
Laurens van Ramshorst
International Sales Manager
M: l.vanramshorst@scan-air.nl
T: +31(0)6 - 38069535
Ron Achten
Product Manager / R&D
M: r.achten@scan-air.nl
T: +31(0)485 – 453734
Yvon Weijmans
Administration / Internal Sales
M: administratie@scan-air.nl
T: +31(0)485 – 453734
Roland Theunisz
Manager Production
M: r.theunisz@scan-air.nl
T: +31(0)485 – 453734