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29 Mar
Evaporative cooling against heat stress in a poultry house

A good climate in your house is the basis for healthy animals and optimal performance. During warmer periods it is important ...

29 Mar
Project in the spotlight: Unimix intake chimney

The Unimix intake chimney U-IK ensures perfect air distribution in your house. With its unique air divider, the air can be pr...

18 Mar
Pop-hole doors

A good pop-hole door is an important part of keeping the climate in your house optimal. If there are draft holes in the openi...

11 Feb
Daylight systems

Daylight entry into your house is necessary to meet today’s welfare requirements. It is essential to get the light well...

19 Jan
Plastic processing

In the past years, Scan-Air has built up in-depth knowledge and an extensive machine park in the field of plastic processing....

19 Jan
New company brochure of Scan-Air

The new company brochure of Scan-Air has been released! In this brochure you can find the entire range of products, including...

19 Jan
New business premises Scan-Air under construction

We have an announcement for the new year. The construction of our new building will start in 2021, to which we will move in a...

17 Dec
Newsletter December

NEWSLETTER | In the last newsletter of this year, we will be highlighting our new company brochure. Furthermore, some photos ...

29 Sep
Newsletter September

NEWSLETTER | Check our newsletter of September, in which we highlight the Uniflex with optional V-shaped slide, specially des...