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Our big family of Scan-Air products

For each stable Scan-Air offers ventilation by means of curved or straight flaps and slides. Low energy costs, because of a lower air resistance created with a smooth surface. Also you will experience fewer problems in your stable, because a better climate leads to a better result. After all, by customization the ventilation system is tailored to your stable and so better tuned. It’s a matter of right sizing! Including the previously discussed low energy costs, but also by low maintenance, because our products are easy to clean. Efficiency at its best!

Our wide range of products

Wall inlets

Due to the high variation in the application of wall inlets, Scan-Air has several versions in its range. The wall inlets are designed in such a way that the air is well distributed and reaches the animals at the correct speed. Depending on the animal group and the dimensions of the house, Scan-Air offers the following wall inlets.

Wandventiel GDK

Ceiling inlets

Scan-Air has two versions of the ceiling inlets in its range: for horizontal and vertical air control. Therefore, Scan-Air offers a matching ceiling inlet for every animal group.

Plafondventiel Horizontaal PVH

(Indirect) Air inlets

The (indirect) air inlets from Scan-Air can be composed as desired. For each house it is examined which version and dimensions are suitable for the particular situation. With the result that the air inlets meet the requirements of the animal group in question.

Daylight systems

Daylighting in your house is necessary to meet today's welfare requirements. Getting the light well distributed, with the right intensity to your animals, is essential. This way you prevent sunlight and there is still enough daylight for your animals. Scan-Air had developed a unique blackout system, with which the windows can be darkened continuously form 0-100%.


A good pop-hole door is an important part of keeping the climate in your house optimal. If there are draft holes in the opening areas, there will be repercussions on the rest of the climate in the house. With the Scan-Air pop-hole door you have the right product to control the outlet openings in your house without any problems.

Kippenuitloop KU

Ventilation Chimneys

A good climate in your house is the basis for healthy animals and optimal performance. High-quality ventilation chimneys contribute to an optimal living environment for your animals. The correct tip clearance for the fan in combination with an aerodynamically designed chimney ensures an optimal air output.

Light traps

Ventilation openings often cause unwanted light influences from the outside. To ensure that you can control your light in the house without any problems, Scan-Air offers a number of light traps.

Light traps

Other products

To be able to offer a complete climate solution, Scan-Air has additional products in its range.