Contra roterende klep SK

Counter Rotating Valve SK

Tunnel inlets

A good climate in your barn is the basis for healthy animals and optimal performance. By far the most climate problems in the barn are caused by the inlet oaf the air. Wind influences play a major role here. With the Scan-Air counter rotating valve you have the right valve to minimize these wind influences and to control the air intake perfectly.
Besides the air intake, this valve also is applicable as exhaust valve, or to darken out daylight windows. The design of the valve ensures that the air / daylight can be adjusted stepless from 0-100%.

The counter rotating valve can be equipped with a direct motor drive. If several valves are mounted besides each other, the valves can be equipped spring opened or spring closed. Then one central motor can operate the valves at the same time.

Per barn is checked which type and which size is suitable for the situation in question. In this way the system is made entirely according to your wishes and to the welfare requirements for your animals. The Scan-Air counter rotating valves are made entirely of plastic and stainless steel, which guarantees a long life. For every application we can make a valve.

Technical data

Type Dimensions
  • W
  • H
  • D
Net surface
  • 10Pa
  • 20Pa
  • 30Pa
Stroke length
1271 500 100
5600 7700 8850
6 280
1883 500 100
8400 11500 13250
7 280
1271 1000 100
11900 16300 18800
6 280
1883 1000 100
17750 24400 28100
7 280
General information Width: 413/536/658/781/903/1026/1148/1271/1393/1516/1638/1761/1883/2006/2128/2251
Height: 200-1120mm (each step possible)
Depth: 100-500mm (in steps of 25mm)
  • Made entirely of plastic and stainless steel
  • Stepless adjustable from 0-100%
  • Easy assembly
  • Flexible dimensions
  • Modular system