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Intake Chimneys

Ventilation Chimneys

A good climate in your barn is the basis for healthy animals and optimal performance. By far the most climate problems in the barn are caused by the inlet of the air. It is essential getting the fresh air well divided, with the right speed for your animals.
When it is not practically possible to work with wall inlets, or if you want to ventilate on basis of equal pressure, the Scan-Air chimneys are the right chimneys to perfectly control the air inlet in your barn.

The intake chimneys can get the air inside by negative pressure or with an intake fan.

Available tube dimensions are: (inside diameter)

ø370 / ø420 / ø470 / ø520 / ø580 / ø645 / ø730 / ø820 / ø920

To ensure the air is well distributed in the barn, Scan-Air has developed a unique air divider, which can send the air in the provided direction at all times. The built-in recirculation part ensures the cold air will be mixed with the warm inside air. This prevents cold airdrop at minimum ventilation.

All needed accessories are available in the above-mentioned dimensions.

Rain caps / Diffusors / Roof plates / Extension tubes / Fans / Inflow rings / Dampers / Butterfly Valves / Drip trays / Corner pieces / T-pieces / Etc.

The intake chimneys can be made in the following materials:
HDPE plastic / 40mm Polyurethane with glass fiber coating / 25mm Polyurethane Optimavent

To save on transport volume the Polyurethane tubes can be delivered in half-shells.
The HDPE tubes can be made in the “OptiVent” version in which it can save up to 80% on transport volume.