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Vertical Wall Inlet WVV

Wall inlets

A good climate in your barn is the basis for healthy animals and optimal performance. By far the most climate problems in the barn are caused by the inlet of the air. It is essential getting the fresh air well divided, with the right speed for your animals. This way you prevent draft and there is still sufficient ventilation. With the Scan-Air vertical wall inlet, you have the right inlet to perfectly control the air intake in your barn.

The vertical inlet WVV is spring closed and is opened through a motor. Because the turning point of the flap is at the top of the inlet, all air will be sent vertically downwards. The inlet is made entirely of plastic and stainless steel, which guarantees a long lifetime. For every application, we can make a suitable inlet. To save up to 70% on transport volume, the inlets can be supplied as an unassembled kit.

Technical data

Type Dimensions
  • W
  • H
  • D
Net surface
  • 10Pa
  • 20Pa
  • 30Pa
Stroke length
320 100 600
1750 2400 2750
3 320
370 100 700
2450 3350 3850
3,5 370
420 100 800
3250 4500 5150
4 420
General information Width: 200-1120mm (elke stap mogelijk)
Height: 320/370/420
Depth: 100-500mm (in stappen van 25mm)
  • Made entirely of plastic and stainless steel
  • Easy assembly
  • Flexible dimensions
  • Modular system
  • Perfect air guidance due to curved flap
  • Insulated flap